My History

I can't remember a time when cameras and photographs weren't a part of my life. Even as a small child I had a camera. This was back in the film days, when point and shoot cameras where very simple, not much more than a plastic box that holds film. My parents had given my brother and I an old one to play with. At first, there was never any film in it, and the camera probably didn't work, but at that age it didn't matter. I was just pretending to take pictures just like mom and dad, but unbeknownst to me, I was learning to see the world around me as I looked through the camera; learning to seek out subjects of interest or beauty, and frame them through the range finder.

When I was old enough, I started taking real pictures, and then in high school I got more serious about my interest, and took a few black and white photography classes. This was back in the days of film, so I was fortunate enough to have the experience of developing and processing my own film. During this time, my dad entrusted me with his Canon F-1 while I learned the ropes. This was the camera he used when he was a photographer in the Air Force (when I was just a baby). At the time, I knew I was borrowing a great camera, but I think the fact that it was my dad's had more influence on me than the quality of the camera itself.

I've taken thousands of photographs and I've never lost the drive to constantly improve my craft. I'm driving myself to reach a pinnacle where I'm able to portray the world not just how my camera sees it... maybe not even how my eyes see it... but how I see it with my whole self, from a perspective that has been put into focus by my past, and illuminated by my personality.

We're all just tiny pieces of the universe, and we have the opportunity to experience it through our own tiny eyes. We all express that experience in different ways, whether we're taking photographs or making furniture, or just having a good laugh with an old friend. We're all unique and we're all contributing.

About This Blog

I'm starting this blog because I've been struggling to find the right outlet to share my work. Social media is great for putting stuff out there, and showing your friends "Hey, look what I did", but I've often felt that the pace of it just doesn't allow me to dig a little deeper. Not to mention the pressure! One person criticizes people for posts about their breakfast, another criticizes others for only sharing the highlights of their life. There's so much pressure to do it the right way... whatever the right way is...

So here I plan to share photos, and also tell the stories about them. I realize that some folks feel that a good photo should stand on it's own, and should tell it's own story, but I humbly and respectfully disagree. Some photos invite questions, they intrigue the viewer. Some subjects are steeped with history, or biology, or sociology. And sometimes the work that went into creating the image is a good story in itself (especially if you're into photography 😉)

Each photograph represents an experience, and I hope you enjoy them. I also encourage you to seek out the opportunity to experience beauty in your own life, and share those experiences with others in a way that inspires you.