Product Shoot - Paramotor Parts

image of a carburetor

paramotor engine cylinder
 The assignment was fairly basic and straightforward. I had been asked to take some catalog style shots of some small engine parts for a paramotor dealer's website.

I'll be honest I've always thought engines were pretty. I'm a motorcycle rider, and I appreciate the look of a well crafted machine: a perfect example of form and function united. So I was actually pretty stoked about making something as basic as machine parts look glamorous.

piston from powered paraglider engine
The client wanted a consistent look, and it was critical that his customers would be able to see small details in the parts, as some look very similar to others. We agreed that a simple white background would be best, but rather than a stark white with a blown out background, I used some gradient lighting to give these products a more sophisticated custom look - which seemed appropriate for the high end brand he represents.

clutch from a powered paramotor engine
This shoot was an interesting activity because, while one might consider it very basic and textbook, I had fun lighting these ordinary motor parts as I would a high watch, or a work of sculpture.