Washington, USA

For the State who has everything:

north cascades national park, Washington - Lake Diablo

dry grassy mountains in Chelan, Washington
Last month I was lucky enough to get a chance to travel to Washington State for the first time. It's a place that's always intrigued me. 
I always found it fascinating that it could have so much geological diversity in one State. 
foggy day at tipsoo lake near Mt. Rainier WAI've always been interested in geological history, and this place must have really been through hell and back over the eons. It was buried in ash, crushed by ice, flooded by raging torrents, and folded up from below by colliding tectonic plates. As a result it has it all!

rainbow at the bottom of palouse falls, washington
Washington did not disappoint. I had been hyping it up in my head for years and I was absolutely right to do so. It's incredible how varied the landscape is. 

north cascades national parkIn the time we've spent here, I saw dry rolling hills, canyons, cliffs, evergreen forests, glacial lakes, snow capped mountains, river valleys, volcanoes, vast wheat plains, waterfalls.. and I didn't even have time for the rain forest and coastal fjords! There's just so much to see! Especially if you don't mind doing a ton of driving.

fog rolling over a mountain in north cascades national park
It reminded me of "Minecraft" (a video game I like to play). If you're not familiar with it - in the game there are various "biomes" - jungle, hills, tundra, desert etc. They're sort of smushed together with not much transition between them. And you can just walk around through the different lands and build stuff, or  gather supplies, farm, or whatever you want.
silver falls in Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest(I usually just wander around sight seeing, haha)
Anyway, the variety of landscapes in WA was surreal enough to remind me of a video game.

Needless to say I absolutely LOVED it there, and I have to go back! I could have spent weeks in each of these places and still found more to see, but as it was I was rushing around trying to take in as much as possible in a week and a half! It's like I had a tiny taste of 15 different ice-creams, but now I want to go back and get a whole cone of each! I suppose that's the nature of travel. There are so many places to experience, so much to take in on our little planet, if only we had endless supplies of time! There are places you go, and you know you could just spend a lifetime unraveling it's story.

 herd of cattle moving across the canyon floor near alkali lake in the coulie canyon