Do people just luck out when they make a great image? Do they just happen to be in a beautiful spot at just the perfect moment where the light is magical? Sometimes... But more often than not, the reason they were there at the right time, is because they've spent weeks, months, years in that right spot at the wrong time, waiting... and that amazing shot was the one that paid off.

This is the spot I chose. I chose it because I live here.

a snowy scene looking through snowy branches at an open field at sunrise

Golden sunrise lights up fall foliage in a foggy fieldI wake up every morning and look out my front door. I see the same scene nearly every day of my life, but every day it looks different.
No. Every hour it looks different. These are a few of my favorites, but they really are quite rare. Don't get me wrong, this is an awesome place to be, but magical light doesn't happen every day. I think I've taken hundreds of photos with nearly the exact same composition, and I've thrown hundreds of them away. Most days I don't take a photo at all. 

A collage of photos taken of the same scene of a tree in front of a field.

As a side note, while I was writing this, I just stepped out to take a photo. The sky just turned yellow! I think we're about to get a storm!

winter scene of sunlit, snow covered trees reflected in clear calm waterThe point is, we sometimes go to amazing ends to get a photo of something far away. We  have such a narrow window of opportunity, and we're often disappointed when we get there. Maybe the light wasn't good, maybe it's too crowded, but for whatever reason we just didn't get the shot. Don't beat yourself up over it. Getting a perfect photo under those conditions are 1 in a million. And sometimes we get lucky, but usually we don't. Our best chance is to find something we love, and observe it over and over and over again. Let it unfold it's mysteries for you when it's ready, like a timid little bird.

By the way... one paragraph later, that yellow sky is now dark gray!