Diana's Baths, Bartlett New Hampshire

diana's baths - White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire
These cascading falls and pools of water in the White Mountains of New Hampshire are known as "Diana's Baths." They're located a couple of hours from where I live, and with a name like that, how could I not go and take a look? ;-)

This site has several layers of historical significance. Long ago it was referred to as the "Home of Water Fairies." Which sounds lovely, but we're not talking about the nice kind of fairies. They were actually evil spirits that taunted the Sokokis Indians.
In the 1800's the area was settled by George Lucy, who built a water powered sawmill and later a boarding house for tourists. When the sawmill became obsolete, the family focused their attention on the tourists that were drawn to the falls, by building a gift shop. Eventually the land was sold to the government to become part of the White Mountain National Forests. The pools and falls are still a popular destination for summer visitors, but with the buildings gone, the atmosphere is much more natural than it would have been a century ago.  
The well manicured trail makes this site easily accessible for travelers to enjoy this serene retreat.